Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bikini Boot Camp Challenge Details

 Okay ladies! Here's the skinny on the 'Start Fresh Bikini Boot Camp' Challenge:

This will be a 21 day challenge starting July 1st and ending July 21st. The focus of this challenge will be to learn new ways to clean up your diet & slim down by eating superfoods and additional greens! You will receive fresh/new weekly recipes, cooking tips, & info on a 3-day detox (the detox is not required to participate). You get to choose how hardcore you want to be with the detox part of it! The challenge will also include a mini workout video each week (bikini body focused) and a calendar to track your progress! And now for the super FUN part: there will be one (sometimes even two) bonus challenges each week. These will be fun exercise/food challenges that each participant will complete for a chance to win prizes!

The 'Start Fresh Bikini Boot Camp' Challenge is perfect for you if you are.....

- A Body Back Alumni Mama who needs a fresh start and/or a kick in the pants
- Looking to lose those last few pesky pounds
- Super busy, a traveler, or have a hard time getting to the gym
- Just looking for a fun way to get a rockin' bikini body

Are you already a clean eater? Perhaps even a Body Back graduate? I guarantee you will learn new things during this challenge & take your clean eating to the next level!!

This is a virtual challenge so ladies everywhere & anywhere can participate so tell your friends/sisters/mom/aunts/cousins! The only requirement is that participants must have internet & a Facebook page. All challenge participants will be communicating in a private Facebook forum.

PRICE: $30

Okay, Okay, I know by now you are saying "Sign me up!!" -so here's how:

TO REGISTER: Go to BFit BFree Facebook page & click 'message'- please include your name and email address in the message OR you can email me your info at I will then send you a Paypal invoice for the $30. Once the invoice is paid, you will be added to the Facebook forum & ready to begin the 'Start Fresh Bikini Boot Camp' Challenge on July 1st!! Easy Peasy! (If you are currently taking my classes then just feel free to register with me in class).

**Challenge information will get posted as early as June 27th in order to give you ample time to read/prepare prior to starting- so be sure to sign up soon!

Are you ready for an amazing beach bum? Summer arms? Bikini abs? Sign up NOW!! The challenge kicks off on July 1st!!

*Please consult your doctor before changing your diet and/or participating in a new exercise program.

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