Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hello New Life

I am diving in to so many new things in my life right now! I went from working a full time job to staying at home with my son and then I randomly bought a business! I have to say the most frustrating thing about being a stay at home mom is feeling like you accomplished nothing in an entire day! I have finally learned that operating without expectations is the best way. This means that if you accomplish even one thing (i.e. going to the post office and buying some stamps) you can celebrate! I am also still adjusting to the sheer preparation that goes in to even a short trip down the street because I was a get-up-and-go person who hated being late before I was a mom. Now I am late to every event I attend and it takes me thirty minutes or more to prepare to leave the house! I will admit I was one of those people that pictured stay at home moms as women caring for the children, cleaning the house and baking cookies all day!  Needless to say I was DEAD WRONG! It is so hard to get anything done and being a stay at home mom makes my old full-time job look like a joke. What about when the baby is sleeping the people might ask. Well when the little bugger finally falls asleep I want him to stay sleeping as long as possible which means sneaking around my house like a damn ninja! This means loud activities such as doing dishes, vacuuming, and laundry are out. Yes laundry is loud when you live in a small condo and the dryer has a buzzer that you can't turn off- whoever invented this design obviously didn't have kids! Which by the way- do any of you UPS drivers have kids? STOP RINGING THE DOORBELL UPS DRIVER! You can just keep that package if it means more napping time for baby. Why do we become so desperate for every minute of this nap time? Its because this is our only time to breathe and make a few calls or check our Facebook. Unlike a traditional job, there are no mandatory lunch and break laws for us! Needless to say,  it is a bit difficult to try to do all my business start up tasks and errands.
I decided to purchase this Stroller Strides business have something for myself and it is a bonus that it allows me to stay home with my son. No is not a bad thing to admit you want something for yourself! This does not make you selfish- it makes you human. As moms, we are so busy taking care of others that we put ourselves last. This is where Stroller Strides made a difference in my life and can also change yours. You can finally take an hour for YOU and get that workout that seemed impossible to accomplish before. The added bonus is connecting with other moms who also hate the UPS driver! I am so excited to embark on the journey of owning a Stroller Strides and creating a sisterhood in motherhood for all the moms in my community! We will be striding together soon :)