Stroller Strides

You will be challenged and your baby will have fun too!

Stroller Strides is a 60 minute workout program designed for both pregnant moms and those with children ages 4 and under. Classes are interval based, include cardio and toning exercises, and are appropriate for all fitness levels. Children are kept involved throughout the workout with songs and other fun activities. Stroller Strides promotes a healthy lifestyle for the whole family, creates a supportive environment for mothers, and provides children with opportunities to socialize with one another.

When: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9am in Mast Park in Santee
*We meet on the basketball court or the cement slab next to it. Bring your water and a towel/mat.

We LOVE Stroller Strides because . . .
No session dates, contract terms, classes filling or hidden fees
Children are entertained during class--even if we sing off key!
FREE playgroups and Mom's Night Out activities
Stroller Strides is approved by the American Council on Exercise (ACE)
Fun specialty classes
It's a great way to get in shape and meet other moms!

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"I look forward to Stroller Strides! The classes are fun, the moms are real and you get an amazing workout! Branda is an awesome instructor, her energy level keeps us motivated and she even keeps the babies happy too!"
--Julia (Mom to Bryce)

"Santee Stroller Strides meets moms fitness needs and the desire to spend time with baby! Needless to say, I have enjoyed every moment of this experience and I know any mommy will too!"
--Abi (Mom to Annemarie)

"I have gotten so strong and feel good in my clothes now that I have been with SS! I love the connection with other moms and being able to have fun with my son while working out is always a plus!"
--Angela (Mom to Gio)
"Stroller Strides is not only a great exercise program, you get to meet awesome moms as well WITH your little ones! Socialization and fab figures in one! Yay!!"
--Meagan (Mom to Harley & Louie)
"I LOVE stroller strides! It is so awesome to be able to get back in shape and meet other new moms in the area, all without worrying about childcare" --Molly (Mom to Kaylee)