Monday, September 6, 2010

You gotta do what you love

I studied criminal justice in college with the ultimate goal of being some type of detective or police officer. I am not sure why but I wanted to have a dangerous job but I did.  This is certainly a far cry from my current job of teaching Stroller Strides classes to mommies! My son has changed my life in many ways but so far the most important thing he has helped me to realize is that you must do what you love! I made the difficult decision to give up my job and stay home with Jude about four months ago.  Well the truth is I think the only difficult thing about the decision was the loss of a second income. I hadn't even considered giving up my job until right before I was about to return from maternity leave. Something just clicked and a strong feeling came over me that said "BABY JUDE NEEDS YOU!" So I followed it and I am so happy I did! My husband was very nervous about how we would make it work financially and I just kept saying "Don't worry! It will work out." This was very unlike me because I am the cautious one that always plans everything out. We have made a lot of adjustments to make our new lifestyle work. We cut back our spending (by a lot),  got all my student loans deferred and created a strict budget. I often find myself stressed out by these new changes but during those times I remind myself that I am doing what I love! I have a new type of boss now, one who wakes me up early and wears very small pants. I also get to run my Stroller Strides business, teach fitness classes to moms and entertain babies which is so much fun!! I am so happy with where life has taken me that I do not regret trading in a gun for one that blows bubbles instead.

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