Friday, April 6, 2012

Try This Weight Loss Drink- NOW!!!

Did you know that you can lose weight by ditching all sugary drinks and just drinking WATER!!?
 It's that easy, yet people are still drinking loads and loads of sugar instead!

 I know there are people reading this and saying "Well, I drink sugar free drinks- so I'm fine"- WRONG!!! Check the ingredients and you will find some type of artificial sweetener that is even worse for you than sugar!!! Yuck!

 Sugary drinks have absolutely no nutritional value and are a waste of time (and calories for that matter). And please tell me your not giving these drinks to your kids! If so, you might as well just hand them a bag of sugar and start putting money away for their future dental work. Plus when your kiddos stop listening to you and start climbing the walls instead- (this is called a sugar high which is also followed by a sugar crash/meltdown status)-you cannot get angry with them because their poor little bodies certainly cannot control a blood sugar spike of that size!

So come on, just do it! CUT THE SUGAR! Clean eating means cutting all of the added sugars out of your diet and the  best place to start is with your drinks. I bet you will save approximately 500 calories just by switching to drinking water only.

PLUS WATER IS SO DELICIOUS & REFRESHING!!! Now go fill up a reusable water bottle and drink up!! Need some flavor in your water? Add fruit- melons, berries, lemons, limes, and even cucumber adds some great natural flavor.

Yum :)

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