Saturday, April 14, 2012

(4/15) Sunday Fitness Challenge

  Let's give lazy Sundays a make-over and get our butts moving! These challenges will be quick and well.... not exactly painless, but it will be over before you know it! If you are a mom, these challenges can be done while your kiddos are napping- NO EXCUSES!! Once you complete the challenge workout- leave a comment telling us that you are done (and how long it took you if it is a timed workout). Okay! Are you ready for the challenge?? LET'S DO THIS!!

What you will need: a watch/stopwatch, and a paper/pen

 The workout: 10 Rounds for Time
10 jump squats
10 walking lunges (alternating lunges walking forward)
10 pushups

Have everything you need nearby and go from one exercise to the next doing it as fast as you can. Once you finish one round (10 jump squats, 10 alternating lunges and 10 pushups) - then do it again until you have completed 10 sets total- AS FAST AS YOU CAN! It helps to have paper and a pen nearby so you can make tick marks/keep track of each round you complete. Keep the timer running the entire time and try not to rest in between exercises/rounds. Once you are done, post your time in the comments section.

*Disclaimer: please consult your doctor prior to participating in any fitness routines.


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