Thursday, October 7, 2010

The newest addition to my family: gDiapers

100% fashionable, 100% functional, earth-friendly, green diapers.

 I recently purchased the gDiaper kit and I am eager to get started. The cute little gDiaper covers are called gPants and they are made of breathable soft material, come in cute colors and have tabs that fasten to the back (to stay away from baby's hands). My little gPants are in the dryer as we speak. There is a snap-in liner inside of them which holds the inserts into place and should hold whatever surprise your baby makes inside too. The snap in liner looks like it could be easily wiped off which is good and the 2-pack of gPants came with an extra liner. This diapering system claims to be the best of cloth and disposable in one earth-friendly diaper. There are two choices: you can use gRefills that function as a plastic diaper would minus the plastic- so you insert the liner into the cute little gPants. The other choice is the cloth inserts which function as a cloth diaper would only it is a liner you insert and take out to wash etc. The gRefill liners can be flushed, composted, or thrown away. They claim if you throw them away it’s not the end of the world because the gRefills are plastic-free, they will break down unlike most disposables, which are made of plastic. gDiapers are 100% biodegradable and will break down in 50-150 days. This was the biggest selling point for my husband and I because plastic diapers sit in the landfill for up to 500 years! So, tossing the flushable diaper refill is ok but they ask that if you choose to toss instead of flush, please put the poop in the toilet.

Well, this will be the biggest change for me because I am used to just putting a poopy diaper in a plastic bag (another problem I will get to) and putting in the trash. So with my new system I will need to take the poop to the toilet and flush it and then put the gRefill into the trash. I have made the choice to still throw away the refill because I rent and do not want to risk clogging up the toilets in my home plus I do not have the resources to compost either. I will have to discontinue the use of putting poopy wipes and diapers into plastic bags because well this really defeats the purpose now doesn't it? I will look up how long it takes for a plastic bag to biodegrade and report that another time but for now I am off to watch the video on how to securely fit the gDiaper onto my baby. I am very interested to see how these things hold up under Jude's explosions but again I will report that at another time. I can also see that I will be shelling out more money to buy more gPants because the pack only came with two pairs. My baby can wear the same gPants (fabric cover) all day and I can switch the snap-in liner when if gets dirty but I do not do laundry often enough to operate with just two pairs! The gPants kit (2 gPants with 3 snap-in liners) was $26.99. The pack of gDiaper refills was $14.99 for 32 of them. There was a coupon for $5 off  located on the package of the gPants. This coupon is good for when you are purchasing the refills and the gPants to get started. My goal is to master this process and move on to the cloth inserts so I will be blogging about my epic journey with gPants throughout the process. Stay tuned for my attempt to go just a little bit easier on the environment.


  1. hi! i thought this was the coolest thing when i had my baby and was just about to order/buy when i realized how EXPENSIVE these are compared to disposable diapers - EEK! i can't recall exactly, but it seems to me the math worked out to being about triple the cost of disposable diapers, and i just couldn't afford it. i chose to make my "green" choices elsewhere...hopefully in the near future they can get the prices down...

  2. Yes! I agree! Why is it so expensive to be nicer to the environment? I want to use the cloth inserts eventually which will save us money in the long run but wanted to get the hang of the system with the flushable insert. I am interested to see where this takes us :)

  3. I have had these for my second and then re-used them for #3. I just love them. They are very durable.