Friday, September 24, 2010

Santee Stroller Strides Grand Opening!

What a day! What an event! The moment the first mom arrived and signed the registration card to participate in the free class- I felt giddy! There were about fifteen moms who came out to see what Stroller Strides was all about and I was so excited to show them!! I started the class at 9:30am and it was by far the largest class I have taught yet. I was yelling, singing, and running around like crazy! The little ones seemed happy and mamas were working up a sweat! The class was a success!

We returned from the Stroller Strides class to fun with bubbles for the kids, snacks, a Happy Baby Food tasting table, and lots of giveaways from our sponsors and local businesses.

The event was full of moms connecting and kiddos playing together. This is definitely an added benefit of Stroller Strides! You can get your workout and network with other moms. All of the moms and kiddos were different ages but it didn't matter, we were all there for the same reason. When you are a mom, your support network is truly invaluable. However, if you are like me (a military wife with no family in the area and a stay-at-home mom) it is not easy to make those connections and create that support network! My vision for Santee Stroller Strides was for it to be that place where moms can come and get a great workout, talk about what they are going through and feel supported in their role as a mom! On Grand Opening day my vision came alive! I could not be happier with how the event turned out and we already have a great group of Founding Moms! I am so excited for future classes and events in the company of other great moms!
 I also want to say thank you to all my friends that came out to support me and help me at the event! Many of them were former co-workers from my previous job and it meant a lot to me to have them take part in my big day! Also thanks to my husband for being so supportive and standing behind me with every new step I take in life.
In Stride :)
Don't forget you Luna Bar!

Meet the Vice President of Santee Stroller Strides- My son Jude!

Classes are held in Mast Park
Attendee Gift Bags


  1. Looks great! glad it was a success for you!

  2. @Cosfrog Thanks for your support and for the photo session for our raffle! The lucky mom who won it is pregnant so maybe she will be in for some maternity shots soon :)